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Why User Experience Is Important in Web Design

Years ago you could simply throw together any old website and it would serve its purpose and make your business money, but fast forward to 2016 and the web is much more complicated. The sophistication that goes into websites in this day and age is quite remarkable. In this article we look at why the user experience is so important when it comes to website design.

So what exactly is user experience, well like the name suggests user experience is how the user feels when they land on your website. Does your website allow them to find the information they need, is it easy to navigate etc.

User experience or in the industry is commonly called UX is a very important factor to take into consideration when designing a new website. UX allows you to give the user what they want, when they want it. If you get your UX right then your customers will love using your website which will lead to an increase in sales, but if you get it wrong your customers will hate using your site, causing you to lose money.

User experience can be determined by a few factors, one of which is web page speed. Ever bought something from a website that took forever to load? Nope, me either. If your website is slow then your losing money. Your customers are more than likely leaving your website before they even see your offer. A good website should be fast, and one of the best ways to achieve a fast website is to build a custom made website from scratch, this allows you to use only what you need and get rid of any junk code that you don’t need.

A good website should also be easy to navigate, imagine trying to find a certain product to buy but you can’t find it because the navigation is not organised, is too small or can’t be found. You more than likely won’t buy from that site. Make your users find your content by making the most important content accessible by clicking it from the main menu.

You should also take notice of how your site looks on mobile devices. If it looks off, doesn’t work or something just isn’t right then you are once again losing customers. A mobile responsive website is a great way to improve your users experience on the mobile phone. Trust me, nothing says you don’t care about your users like a website that doesn’t work on mobile devices

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