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Manufacturer Websites – How to Generate Leads Through Smart Web Design

Businesses, nowadays, want to have a strong online presence but before anything else, they need to be found. Their website may have products/services that people are looking for but first, they need to get there. If a business wants engineers, maintenance people or plant managers to find them, they should provide content that can be useful to them in case they have issues to address or goals to achieve.

Companies should ask themselves what could possibly draw potential customers to their business, products and services. There should be triggers to define the issues that the business can address and goals that it can help achieve. Communicating in the same language is critical and so, companies should conduct SEO research to know more about the terms regularly used by buyers.

When they are sure of their target audience, they will know what should be provided so that Google and other search engines as well as potential customers would be able to find their content, whether it comes in the guise of a blog, video, eBook, white paper or calculator.

The moment visitors land on their site, they should help them in evaluating their options. While it is important to consider providing new, relevant content for prospective buyers, it is just as important to think of providing great user experience. These are the things that manufacturer websites should have:

Simple Navigation

To determine the right navigation for their site, businesses should think about the paths that potential buyers may possibly take when they land on their site. As a start, they should make sure that the information they need is easy to find, which includes contact details, location and customer service, to name a few, which are very critical for frustrated clients.

There will be buyers who will want to search by product, by industry and by market, among others. Sometimes, it would be best to have different paths on the site’s navigation to make it easy for different types of buyers to find information.


There are lots of valid reasons to add video on a business website. First, it can help with SEO, get easily noticed and is very effective when it comes to storytelling.

However, for manufacturing companies that have complicated products and solutions, a video can be the best way to educate viewers. For example, engineers watch YouTube to find solutions the problems they meet. Web content should be able to provide them with solutions.

Social Media Proof

Potential customers expect businesses of every kind to have social media presence. Thinking about the labor market’s present state, social media is a major driving force in recruiting efforts. A manufacturing company that does not have social media presence looks irrelevant.

Companies should use social medium as their platform to demonstrate their thought leadership as well as progressive culture. They should also make sure that people link to their profiles from their website. In addition, they can include customer testimonials, online reviews and referrals to further earn the trust of viewers.

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