I need a logo designed for my business - how much does it cost?

Unfortunately I can’t provide flat rate pricing for projects such as logo design and branding, simply because the scope of two projects is never the same. The cost can vary greatly depending on the level of involvement and timeline – remember, a designers rate is simply a reflection of the demand for their services.

Please feel to send me an inquiry with the answers to the questions provided in my design considerations document and I’d be happy to provide a complete estimate.

Do you work on an hourly rate, or quote based on the project?

I prefer to provide complete project quotes rather than working on an hourly basis, so that I can effectively manage my clients budget expectations and ensure there are no surprises from the beginning.

There is no “one size fits all” billing solution in the design industry, so I’m open to alternative arrangements, such as per hour, per project or an equity based fee (% of online sales for ongoing maintenance).

Will you accept monthly design contracts?

Many of my clients require a consistent, reoccurring volume of design work, and I’m happy to discuss a flat contract rate for a set number of design hours per month.

Do I have to pay upfront?

I require a deposit upon approval of the project quote, with the remaining balance to be paid upon upload of files to a commercial print shop or website hosting server. The deposit ensures the client is committed to moving forward with the project. For large scale projects, the total cost may be split up and paid upon project milestones.

How can I pay my invoice - what payment methods do you accept?

Invoice payments are due within fourteen (14) days of the billing date noted on the invoice. Payments are accepted by cash, cheque, or credit card through my secure online payment gateway.

I have a project type that isn’t listed under your services & capabilities. Are you still interested?

Feel free to send me the details of your creative challenge, and I would be more than happy to discuss possibilities for a solution and the associated costs (if applicable).

Are you accepting sub-contractors?

I’m always on the lookout for talented designers & developers! If you have a great portfolio and are looking to take on freelance projects, drop me a line with some samples of your work (or online portfolio) and we can discuss working together on future projects.

What are your working hours? When can I contact you?

As a freelance designer, my hours of work are quite flexible.

I allocate specific days for administration / marketing (client discussions, responding to emails, etc.) and also into “production” time, where the majority of my design is done. It’s best to contact me via email during normal business hours (Mon – Fri, 8 to 5), although I will certainly do my best to respond to requests in the evenings.

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