About Us

Company Overview

Our team of dedicated and talented web technologists, designers, and strategists are here to help you leverage the Internet in an engaging, effective, and affordable manner.

Our Vision

Dan Schmid’s Web Design works closely with each client making them a team member. That’s part of our vision. It is important to our team to let each client know what the success of your business means to us. We create effective websites & website services that increase the success of your company. It’s what we are all about. If you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.

We offer website improvement services as well. We track the traffic on your website and help you with improvements that will make a world of difference. Our perfect client wants to become a part of our team, and they want to see us succeed just as we want to see you succeed. We are always available to give you more information. Call or email today, let’s get started on a service that will be an essential asset to your business.